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Solar Inserts


Suntech Solar inserts.


 Solar Inserts are an effective and affordable solution to the problems faced by nearly all conservatories with a polycarbonate roof. Reducing heatgain and glare by up to 85% during the summer months.

 During the winter, and in the evenings they act as another layer of insulation and also combat heat loss,with radiated heat returned to the room. Thus giving our customers a room they can use all year round.                                                                             

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Suntech Solar inserts for Polycarbonate Roofs


Suntech Solar Inserts are a quick instant fix to the problems of exess heat build up in conservatories with a polycarbonate roof. They are inserted within the roof cavity to give exellent thermal protection both in the summer and winter and evenings too.

Reducing the solar gain by 85%, they will give a cool and comfortable room in the summer and will also prevent the exessive heat loss in the evenings and during the winter.    





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